CJC filter innsats 2 x F27/27

Varenr: PA5600506
CJC filter innsats 2 x F27/27
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The CJC® F Filter Inserts are designed with fine filtration, high dirt holding capacity and low operation cost in mind.


The F inserts remove contaminants like particles, water, bacteria and asphaltenes from diesel plus varnish and sludge from oils.


The F Filter Inserts can be used in both CJC® Fine Filters HDU series and CJC® Filter Separators PTU series.

Used in the CJC® Filter Separators PTU it will continuously separate water from light distillates:

  • Diesel
  • Gas oils

Used in a CJC® Fine Filters HDU it will very cost efficiently remove large amounts of particles, varnish and sludge from:

  • Quenching oils
  • Heat transfer oils

 HS-code: 4812 0000

Country of origin: Denmark