CJC filter innsats AK 27/27

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CJC filter innsats AK 27/27
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The CJC® AK Filter Inserts are based on the standard A Filter Inserts, but extra dried and vacuum packed, so the cellulose filter media contains no humidity. It is designed with fine filtration, high dirt and water holding capacity in mind, resulting in a low cost for removing one kilo of contamination from oil.

Due to the relatively high-pressure loss compared to other CJC® inserts, the AK Filter Inserts are primarily used for low viscosity or warm oils, where below 50 ppm of humidity content is required.

The AK Filter Inserts remove all four contamination types in one and the same process: particles, water, varnish, and acidity. The AK Filter Inserts are used in CJC® Fine Filters HDU series.

Used for maintenance of below applications:


  • Tap changers
  • Small hydraulic systems


HS-code:                4812 0000

Country of origin:   Denmark